The main purpose of using masonry paint on any kind of paintable surface including wood, masonry, plastic, vinyl, composite or metal etc. is to protect as well as decorate it. Normally the surface made of brick, mortar external masonry paintand concrete as well as sandstone and cement blocks is known as a masonry surface, which is more porous than other surfaces like metal, wood and plastic etc. So the paint made for masonry surfaces should be able to cover the porosity of the surface effectively.

Vast range of paints available

Moreover, masonry materials are not considered good insulation as they are more prone to absorption and retention of moisture. So this paint used on such surfaces should be able to provide them perfect insulation. In addition to it the paints made especially for masonry surfaces should be breathable so that the moisture trapped into it can escape out and the entry of the fresh moisture can be prevented without damaging the painted surface. Various types of this paint are available these days to protect and decorate the external as well as internal surfaces of any masonry work. These paints are based on oil, water or latex for which you can choose and use as per their requirement. Normally oil based paints are used as primer on masonry surfaces and latex based paints as the topcoat to provide better protection and embellishment to the masonry surface, interior or exterior.

Applied Protection

This paint can protect masonry surfaces from a number of challenges like dust, flaking, chalking as well as contractions and expansions. In order to apply masonry premier and paint properly proper preparation of the surface is important. Moreover, before applying these paints all the cracks, defects and deterioration’s on the masonry surfaces should be repaired as they are specially made to give them a clean and beautiful look. Thus, in simple words, masonry paint on any kind of paintable surface can be defined as a sealant and coating that must be durable, elastic and breathable to protect and decorate masonry surfaces.