Roof Waterproofing

Roofing applications

3m waterproofingSeveral things are done to waterproof a roof. This is because just having a roof without any of these extras doesn’t ensure you a completely leak proof roof, and it is the roof’s job to keep water, snow, winds, etc. out of the house. So here is a description of everything that’s done to a roof to make it waterproof. The roof waterproofing with the main drain and secondary drains, flashings, a waterproofing layer like vinyl or EPDM and several coatings. Caulking, mortaring and using other sealants accompanies all these. While drains are not a compulsory part of some roofs, some areas of the country have plumbing codes that make them an absolute necessity.

Draining of roofs

In flat roofs, the importance of having a roof drainage system, i.e., a system of secondary drains attached to the main drain, cannot be underestimated. This is because, being flat, water can pool on them easily. On the other hand, sloped roofs don’t necessarily need it as the incline gets rid of the water effectively. Gutters can either just remove water from the roof and drain it to the ground or take it to a far away place to drain. The former may sometimes lead to your yard flooding, but the latter ensures this doesn’t happen. Roof drains can also have siphons, which get rid of water more efficiently than gravity alone.


Vinyl waterproofing membranes are the strong and heavy duty. They are largely puncture resistant and do a wonderful job of keeping water out. They are even used in green roofs where root punctures are common. In regular roofs, they are installed by heat welding just under the shingles of the roof so that water seeping from between the tiles does not get into the roof. Flashings are installed at the various intersections in the roof- between the outer walls of the house and the roof, in roof valleys, around skylights and chimneys and the rakes and eaves of the roof. Flashings can be made of metals like aluminum, copper and galvanized steel or with rubber and plastic too.

Various materials to waterproofing the roof

The final things used to finish the waterproofing of the roof seal. Seals can make with some things like caulk, mortar, epoxy sealant, etc. These are applied between flashings and tiles, on cracks and other fraying or open ends. Paints and coating made with things like elastomeric vinyl are also used for waterproofing. Checking the roof for damages and pooling water is vital. A damaged roof with accumulated water will result in leaking. Flashings often give way, and repairs and replacements should be done promptly. Good maintenance of a roof guarantees it a long life.

Energy Effecient Solar Paint

Reducing costs

coo-var solar reflecting paintSolar reflective paint is utilized for coating the roof surfaces of the buildings so that energy consumption can be controlled effectively. The roof’s surface temperature is decreased which results in keeping the inside areas of the building cooler and more comfortable. Demand for air conditioning would then be low which will lead to reduced energy costs. The solar coatings are denoted as the white roof coatings inheriting polymeric binder combined with the additives, pigments, silver asphalt, aluminum and pigment flakes.

The benefits

Some of the advantages associated with solar paint include restricting the UV rays from reaching the inside areas of the property so that cooling effect is maintained; protecting the membranes of the roof so that the life of the roof can be prolonged. The white roofs are capable of reflecting the heat of the sun and the black ones soak the heat emerged from the sun’s rays. For example, if the outside temperature is 100 degree fahrenheit then the roofs coated with solar reflective paints would remain cooler at 90 degree fahrenheit. The indoors would be cooler, this is not the only reason behind people choosing this type of paint. Environmental friendly products are also appreciated by people nowadays and this is the perfect example of such a preference.

Easy to buy and apply

This paint is not that all expensive to buy and quite easy to use. The finishing offered by such paints is also incredible and are durable in nature. The coatings only require a brush, roller and a traditional spray which helps the coating to dry on a flexible and tough elastic film. Furthermore, ageing as well as blistering effects on the properties can be curbed when this paint is used. This is one of the advanced forms of coatings which must be brought to use when painting the property’s roof.

Uses of Masonry Paint


The main purpose of using masonry paint on any kind of paintable surface including wood, masonry, plastic, vinyl, composite or metal etc. is to protect as well as decorate it. Normally the surface made of brick, mortar external masonry paintand concrete as well as sandstone and cement blocks is known as a masonry surface, which is more porous than other surfaces like metal, wood and plastic etc. So the paint made for masonry surfaces should be able to cover the porosity of the surface effectively.

Vast range of paints available

Moreover, masonry materials are not considered good insulation as they are more prone to absorption and retention of moisture. So this paint used on such surfaces should be able to provide them perfect insulation. In addition to it the paints made especially for masonry surfaces should be breathable so that the moisture trapped into it can escape out and the entry of the fresh moisture can be prevented without damaging the painted surface. Various types of this paint are available these days to protect and decorate the external as well as internal surfaces of any masonry work. These paints are based on oil, water or latex for which you can choose and use as per their requirement. Normally oil based paints are used as primer on masonry surfaces and latex based paints as the topcoat to provide better protection and embellishment to the masonry surface, interior or exterior.

Applied Protection

This paint can protect masonry surfaces from a number of challenges like dust, flaking, chalking as well as contractions and expansions. In order to apply masonry premier and paint properly proper preparation of the surface is important. Moreover, before applying these paints all the cracks, defects and deteriorations on the masonry surfaces should be repaired as they are specially made to give them a clean and beautiful look. Thus, in simple words, masonry paint on any kind of paintable surface can be defined as a sealant and coating that must be durable, elastic and breathable to protect and decorate masonry surfaces.

Industrial Paint to Purchase Online

industrial paintA lot of people do not know the difference between household paint and industrial paint. The difference between these two kinds of paints is mainly in their uses. Household paint is mainly used to decorate the walls of a house and other surfaces in order to make the house more personable. Industrial paint on the other hand has several uses. First and foremost, this paint is used to prevent corrosion of equipment. It does this by preventing the air from having contact with the metal. Therefore, reactions that cause rusting do not happen. Another use of industrial paint is in improvement of mobility in machinery. Last but not least, industrial paint is used to protect concrete and steel. The paint can be used as tennis court paint, in prison and in factories among other places that it might be needed.

When you have the intention of buying industrial paint, it is very advisable to get it online as opposed to getting it at a store. This is because buying online has more advantages over buying at the store. First and foremost, online purchase gives you a chance to go through some different companies that sell the product. This is important because it enables you to go for the company that offers the best price and services. The other advantage of shopping for industrial paint online is the fact that you get to take advantage of delivery services. Last but not least, shopping for industrial paint enables you to have a number of brands to choose from since they can all be accessed online.

There are several things you should look for before you purchase industrial paint. First and foremost, you should make sure the paint is the real deal by ensuring that all manufacturers’ details match what the product looks like. You should also make sure that the price you are getting it for is the correct price and last but not least, you should make sure it is of the right colour depending on what you need it for.